Samsung Xpress M2022W fix wifi problems

My mom was using her samsung m2022w printer for about 17 months when all of the sudden it just didn’t work anymore. I spent hours and hours trying to fix this and eventually succeeded.

Samsung xpress m2022w

Things I tried:

  • Update the firmware to it’s latest version. Be aware that you cannot change it back easily. I could not find older firmware versions on the samsung website.
  • Update the software of course.
  • Changed the location of the printer, because it said the signal was poor.
  • I took it home, because the router also recently changed, so I figured the new modem from the internet provider was just crappy.

In the end, as a last resort, I tried configuring the IP static one more time. I disabled the “auto IP” option, left it at DHCP (instead of BOOTP), and choose to enter my IP manually. Filled in all the details, and this time I got lucky and it connected to the network without any issues. By the way, to do this I had to connect the printer with the USB cable. Also disable Wi-Fi Direct because I don’t think the printer has two wlan radio’s on board.

I first changed these settings in the Easy Print Manager. The wifi wizard wasn’t working there, Windows would give an error telling me I should install the right software or something like that. But I was able to configure the network to be manually. Although it didn’t really feel like it was saving the configuration, but I checked by turning the printer off and on again. The settings were still there. Also now when I turned the printer on, the WPS button turned blue, without flashing, and stayed blue.

Now I could run the diagnostic tool. Here I updated all drivers, but on the bottom there is also an easy wifi setup tool thingy. At the version I used, I could also change the TCP/IP settings here. Just to be sure, I also configured the IP as static in here. To be sure it didn’t conflict, I used another static IP though, because I wasn’t sure which config would win: the one from Easy Print Manager, or the one using this wizard kind of setup.

I had used this wizard many times before, but when it was sending my configuration to the printer, that would just fail. This time it didn’t fail, it went right through, and I could finish the setup.

Finally I could also disconnect the USB. Opening up Easy Print Manager now showed the printer with it’s static IP, and I could print from notepad. Great!

So bottom line: use a static IP.

Update 29 jan 2017: In the end, we returned this printer twice to be repaired. On the one hand it’s great that Samsung gives this kind of support on such a cheap printer. On the other hand it’s really disappointing that we had to go through all this… packaging, waiting, etc. This first time they only updated the firmware which didn’t work. Second time they actually replaced something (can’t remember what though) and I think it works better now.