Use Twig’s renderBlock to update a table row with AJAX

So I was developing a page with a table, where one could delete and edit the data on the table. Deleting was simple, it would do an AJAX request to delete, and then I’d remove the table row using jQuery.

But when you edit the row, you would also need to update the row after you did the edit. The table row was already defined in the twig template though, so couldn’t I just reuse it? Yes we can. This is probably rookie beginners stuff, but well, I’m still learning Symfony (and bootstrap, and basically all frontend stuff).

So, to illustrate, I had this piece of template in my page.

With jQuery, I had an event handler on the paginationContainer, to catch the edit button. This would open up a modal where the record can be edited. After that, the save button was pressed, which I was also catching using jQuery.

So this javascript code looked like this:

So the controller needed to just return the table row, as defined in the template at the beginning of the post. The code in the controller was like this:


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