Midnight Commander os x terminal shift keys fix

Of course you are a command-line guru like me, but once in a while it’s just so much easier to use Midnight Commander. Especially when renaming files or directories, where you can just edit the name windows-style. Well, if your shift key works like it should that is.

I couldn’t bare that it wasn’t, so I did some digging and found out that os x term sends the wrong codes. I found this solution on superuser, but what to do with the other shift keys? I also found this article that looks outdated, but is still pretty cool. I ended up mapping F13 to shift F1, F14 to shift F2, etc. using the X11R6 xterm codes. That’s because in this bug report somebody said that SHIFT F6 should outputĀ ^[[17;2~ so that matches the xterm codes.

Eventually I mapped all my SHIFT F-keys (which I don’t use much anyways) like this.

OS X term keyboard mapping for Midnight Commander

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