Active menu determination in Metronic theme

So we bought the Metronic theme from keenthemes. It’s fully featured and packed, but I was wondering how the theme┬ádetermines what the active link is. Browsing through the comments I found out that we’re supposed to handle this ourselves, server sided. No fancy javascript that handles this from itself.

Fortunately I found a way to determine the route in Symfony. This returns the name of the route, not the result form path. So now it’s easy to compare your current page. All I had to do is put this in Twig:

But if I use submenu’s, how would I know what parent menu should have the active class as well? Easy: just check for the first part of the route (if you set your routes smart enough though). So if you have a menu called “promotion” where you have sub menu’s like “create, list”, you might want to name your routes like _promotion_new and _promotion_list. At the parent menu item promotion you could easily check if the route starts with _promotion_. The substr equivalent is slice. So the HTML for the parent menu item would have something like this:

If you named your router less ‘smart’, you could use a larger OR compare in the if statement.

Easy does it.

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