HP Laserjet 400 issues with PDF on os x

Although we kind of regret we purchased this printer when we switched to MacBook’s, here’s one thing I seem to have ‘solved’. We received an invoice in PDF that could not be printed to our HP printer. We also tried our old HP Laserjet 1320, and a collegue also tried at home. All it printed was garbage high ascii stuff.

I figured it must we a problem with PCL drivers and HP. Maybe a problem of CUPS, or bad os x drivers, who knows?

Then we received a PDF from our Chamber of Commerce, and it said it was digitally signed. So then I realised it could also be a problem with this signature.

I installed Adobe Reader to open the PDF instead of the default Preview app that was already installed. Now I was able to print the Chamber of Commerce document just fine.

So now only the problem of really really slow job processing (or no processing at all) remains. Usually this can be fixed with turning the printer off and on again, but for a device that costs a few hundred euro’s this isn’t what we expected.

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